White Horse Moab at dusk

Who We Are

Managing Partner – Mark Griffith

I grew up in Colorado where my father was a real estate developer. For a while, I was interested in the profession but then wandered off into other interests. As I grew older, the fantasy of living in a place that offered my heart's desire for sports and recreation became strong. It didn't take long to decide that place was Moab, Utah. The landscape and town had a very grounded feel.

Like a free spirit, I moved to Moab first, then thought about how to earn a living. Friends began to visit and become excited about the area too. The idea to develop and build homes for the adventurer was born!

Not just any design would do! My friends and I live an active way of life with a grand appreciation for the great outdoors. Consequently, community and home design would need to reflect this sentiment.  Most of my life I have hiked, skied, cycled and run rivers. Therefore, our homes are designed to facilitate adventure and an exploring nature.

Architect – Ken Alexander

Truly distinctive home design begins with an architect. Ken’s vision of how a home might look and feel depends on who he is. Our architect is someone who has enjoyed a variety of outdoor sports all his life. Some of his current favorites include road cycling, sailing, skiing, and running rivers in his custom built wood dory.

His remarkable profession has taken him from Boulder, CO to Telluride, CO and Scottsdale, AZ where he currently lives. It took an adventurous architect to create our adventurous homes. Unique as the Moab landscape, our architecture will speak to your active lifestyle. 

Beth Logan

Beth is someone who (almost) always answers her phone and can connect the people who need to talk to each other to obtain answers to your questions.  When not at White Horse helping people choose home sites, she volunteers as Mark’s coordinator for Skinny Tire Events, the Moab road cycling tours that inspire thousands to raise funds for cancer survivorship and research issues. She and her husband Mark are parents of twelve year old Tanyon whom you will undoubtedly meet!

Chuck Garlett

Garlett Construction has been in business over twenty years and built many beautiful custom homes in the Moab area. 

A Moab native, Chuck and his dedicated crew are talented, reliable, and respectful of the building process and the home they are building for you.