White Horse Moab at dusk


Kudos from Homeowners:  

"We discovered Moab over 15 years ago and fell in love with the place. As soon as our boys were old enough for an overseas trip, we started traveling to the USA on a yearly basis, and ALWAYS included Moab on the trip. First we camped, then we rented an RV, then a cabin, and finally a house near town. During that trip, Valentin came back from a run and told me: "I think I just ran past our future!" Having a second home over 6000 miles away is crazy! But we wouldn't want it any other way: White Horse is not only the place were we found our dream house, but also where we met incredible people sharing our love for the area and its infinite recreational possibilities!
                             - Verena and Valentin

"Our home in White Horse is more than just a beautiful house. It's a gathering place for friends, an oasis for flowers and wild life and a door to the unlimited adventure of Moab."

                            - Cindy and Don

"The attention to detail and the many enhancements made to the floor plan, were all executed with precision.
We have lived in Moab for years and this new home is absolutely ideal for our outdoor lifestyle". 
                                    - Christoph and Dian

"We walked into our home and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW.
This is everything we wished for and more---it is beautiful. Thank you".
                                    - Anne and Earl

"This is the second home we've had the team build for us and it exceeded all of our expectations.
We walk right outside our door and access thousands of acres of public land with scenic hiking and biking.
Our grown children are now bringing our grandchildren here--we all love it".
                                    - Mary and David